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Passion is our core driver. Growth and opportunities are our byproducts. We also meet in real life more than online.

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About MOTIVATE Shanghai

Our Mission:

Growing and supporting a community of people that care and belong. Through regular growth focused events, coaching and training opportunities, we assist both Chinese and Expats in Shanghai China.

Core Values:



MOTIVATE Shanghai was founded in the form of a social enterprise by Adrian Cahill in 2012. It has grown to thousands of members with hundreds of events thanks to its leadership team and two key organizers, Henar Cabrera and Katy Allen.


MOTIVATE Shanghai weekly sessions are attended by between five to twenty five upwardly mobile, well-educated locals and internationals. The speakers are selected from a growing network of professionals who are each experts in their field and from time to time participants as they develop their skills and ability to shine.

The events are a regular source of affirmation and encouragement as well a chance to learn about fascinating topics related to personal and professional development. These include, but are not limited to, Coaching, NLP, Leadership, Psychology, Hypnosis, Reiki, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Relationships, Finding Love, Self-Love, Confidence, Happiness, Communication, Public Speaking Skills, Health, Fitness, and High-Performance Living.

Official account: MotivateShanghai

From time to time we also host additional events and a Coaching Skills Weekend.

Coaching Skills Weekend

Coaching Skills Weekend, is one of our favourite weekends of the year. They generally take place twice a year. We are starting to run them in other cities however they began right here in Shanghai. 10-5pm including lunch, tea, coffee, and always in a inner city location easily accessible for all.

Coaching Skills Weekend, welcomes trained, training and completely new people to come and be a part of an amazing growth weekend. It's extremely collaborative and every learns from each other as well as facilitators.


is for learning the Coaching fundamentals. Here we learn, experience and 'do' coaching. Some of the best known coaches in China (Eg. Executive Coach Klaus Schmitt ) come and support new learners through the process. Trained Coaches also gain a lot as we cover some of the most important NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching Models. We also regularly have trainers like Aaron Wallace from the China NLP Society contributing.
People come with their own objectives. Some people see it as a day to be coached by the best, at a fraction of the cost. Some come to learn to empower their teams. For whatever reason, people tend to meet their objectives and so much more.


is for learning and building a coaching business. Although team leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and trainers often come, this day is focused on the business behind coaching or personal development. This day covers topics such as strategies for accelerating your development, automating and streamlining processes, money beliefs, accelerated change management technology, defining niches. It also covers some NLP work, professional accreditations, and must know knowledge for becoming a successful casual, part or full time coach.
Most people come to this day to accelerate their coaching career or business. Gain clarity and define their practice. Also for expanding their financial beliefs and moving beyond financial blocks.

How to contact us?

Ask the Founder Adrian Cahill (Adi) to place you in the relevant groups and place your RSVP.

The next Coaching Skills Weekend is in Shanghai 20 - 21st May 2017. Enquire for pricing arrangements and to RSVP in advance.

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Ask the Founder Adrian Cahill (Adi) to place you in the relevant groups and place your RSVP.

Official account: MotivateShanghai

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